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Olive oil cold-extracted from the first press , just pure olive juice premium quality.

Enjoy this 4 bottle box of 50 ml each one, containing an splendid extra virgin olive oil and have fun identifying each of the aromas involved.

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This box contains 4 bottles of 50 ml of our premium quality extra virgin olive oil.

There are 10 colors available, turquesa, marengo, oliva, musgo, carmín, añil, coral, malva, ámbar and cobre. 

Ten different varieties of extra virgin olive oils.

We can choose the EVOOs you want to insert in your pack.

The turquesa is a very sweet, fruity and smooth coupage. 

The añil is a picual variety, very fruity and balanced. 

The Marengo is a royal with a soft bitterness and a little spicy.

The coral is a coupage with bitterness and a little spice.

The oliva is a very sweet and fruity coupage.

The malva is sweet, smooth with bitterness and a little spice.

The musgo is a very aromatic picual variety, with bitterness and a little spice.

The ambar is a fruity, sweet and balanced coupage.

The carmín is a very fruity picual variety full-bodied.

The cobre is a very fruity, aromatic and strong bitterness coupage, a little spicy.

You should try all of them!!

A perfect gift!