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Origin: Spain

Carrasqueño Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from one of the more important olives producer region of Spain, Jaen.

Carrasqueño brings light flavors and aromas reminiscent of exotic fruits, with hints of apple and almond.

Availabe in packs of 2,3,6,9 and 12 cases, being abe to combine them with different varieties.

20ml x 10 bottles

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Our Carrasqueño is coming from the estate of Huerta Redonda, located in the municipality of Alcaudete, in Jaen. It is a large, leafy grounds, sheltered by some hills, where strong olive trees that give excellent varieties of olives are based.

Huerta Redonda estate has its origins in ancient times. It has passed from generation to generation and has been in the hands of families De Castro and De la Garza since the time of entailed estate.

We can find manuscripts that dates back centuries, demonstrating how old this olive trees are.

Given the uniqueness of these trees and carrasqueño variety Paraje de Huerta Redonda has not pulled out any olive tree for decades.

They get new branches with a pruning in alternate years in which they proceed to thinning out, removing only old branches. Olive trees are watered with four own natural springs.

Paraje de Huerta Redonda devotes his efforts to get a single extra virgin olive oil and to spread the cultivation of the olive tree.

  • TYPE: Intense fruitiness of fresh green
  • TASTE: Bitter and balanced spicy.
  • NOSE: Tomato plant and spearmint.
  • PALATE: Long, evoking fresh fruit.