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Origin: Spain

Manzanilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent bio olive oil with herbaceous and ripe fruits scents.

Suitable for every type of recipe, this oil is ideal for be consumed raw, as a basic ingredient in breakfast, or condiment for salads, white fishes, carpaccios, truffles.

Availabe in packs of 2,3,6,9 and 12 cases, being abe to combine them with different varieties.

20ml x 10 bottles

Free shipping from 6 cases to Peninsula and Balearic Islands. From 9 cases to the EU.

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Manzanilla ecológica


The origin of the Zufre olive grove dates back to the second half of the nineteenth century, although its greatest expansion takes place in the first half of the twentieth century.

In 1960 the cooperative Nuestra Señora del Puerto was founded, bringing together as partners to all olive growers ZUFRE.

For the harvest season 1991/92, facilities are modernized by implementing continuous centrifugal extraction system in order to obtein better quality oils.

And it is in the harvest season 2003/2004, when looking for a quality differentiation with respect to other AOVEs in the market, our olive grove was certified as organically grown, approximately 500 hectares located within the Sierra de Aracena Natural Park and Picos de Aroche.

This makes the olive grove Zufre an example of sustainable development and respect for the land, obtaining that way their best fruit.

  • TASTE: It is a balanced olive oil, sweet at first, ending with a light and short-lasting bitterness.
  • NOSE: Hints of freshly cut grass.