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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oliveclub Beta Premium bottle of 500ml. Coupage of the varieties Picual, Picuda and Hojiblanca. Available in boxes with the number of bottles you want.

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Appearance: The oil is sold filtered, presenting a very clean and decanted appearance.
Color: The chromatic range that characterizes it is yellow-gold color.


Sensations-Aromas: To appreciate the aroma of the oil, it is necessary to have a temperature of about 25-30 degrees Celsius, and it is convenient that the glass is covered with a lid. Before proceeding to smell the oil we stir the glass, we uncover it so that we can easily appreciate the intense fruity of ripe olive, of great complexity and harmony, with fruit notes to apple and fig tree, emphasizing the green almond by its intensity. Among the herbaceous descriptors that stand out are the freshly cut grass and olive leaf.


Palate-Mouth: The oil in the mouth must pass towards the back very slowly in order to be able to better appreciate all its attributes. Oliveclub Beta Premium oil is characterized by being very fluid, very elegant, being very pleasant both the path in the buccal cavity and the persistence in time.


Gusto-Paladar: Being a coupàge of the varieties Picual, Picuda and Hojiblanca its entrance in the mouth is very sweet, appreciating in the anterior part the mature almond and the herbaceous notes. When passing to the back you can see the olive leaf, the bitterness is almost imperceptible and with a very light final itch.


Its balance, harmony and elegance in aroma and flavor allows us to enjoy the complexity of green and ripe aromatic nuances of this freshly squeezed juice of the coupage olives of the Picual, Picuda and Hojiblanca varieties.