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Campolea Premium Coupage 12 units X 500 ml only for

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141,27 €

CAMPOLEA Premium Coupage Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pack of 12 bottles, 8'8€/unit VAT included.  Obtained from the Spanish olive varieties picual and manzanilla. Free shipping within Spain. Free international shipping from 2 boxes.

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CAMPOLEA PREMIUM born in a family of olivocultores in its fourth generation, who have specialized level academic in olive growing. Currently, its manager, María José González, agricultural machinery engineering, expert AOVE tasting and MB by the Institute of Fat (belonging CSIC) provides technical knowledge to wisdom, love, dedication and experience of fieldwork that his father José González has been forwarded, all this makes the legacy Family renew and adapt to future challenges, with all security must be overcome.

The uniqueness of this olive oil lies in the origin of the variety selected for production thereof variety of Seville manzanilla has traditionally been aimed at consumer exclusively in green (table olives). Lowest performance combined with care the same milling process cold extraction and storage of oils INOX deposits with the absence of oxygen leads to achieve that these products arrive in the best possible conditions to the costumer.

The special quality of this extra virgin olive oil, lies in climatic and agronomic conditions unique to its Hacienda. It is these conditions, together with the qualities of manzanilla and picual varieties, rigorous work and gathering early, which determine the organoleptic characteristics of this oils.