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Origin: Spain

Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from the native Extremadura variety Morisca.

Nowadays, only 3% of the olive trees in Spain produce this variety.

Morisca olive offers a medium-high fruity oil with some spicy and bitter tones.

20ml x 10 bottles=200ml

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During the time of Muslim domination in Spain, Moriscos grafted in the Iberian Peninsula's native olive trees, varieties from their regions.

This is the origin of the Morisca variety, whose olive trees are rustic trees whose cultivation is concentrated in the most rugged areas. It is fragile in its formation but resistant to inclement weather.


Nowadays, only 3% of the olive trees in Spain produce this variety.

Molino de Zafra is located in the city of Zafra, south of Extremadura.

For the elaboration of its oils Molino de Zafra makes a careful selection of the olives to grind. They only grind fresh olive hand picked from Morisca variety. Variety that we can only find in the south of Badajoz.

Morisca variety has a very characteristic flavor and properties, which make it a very appreciated variety for the oil but difficult to find because of its limited production in a single area of Spain.

The exhaustive control of the cold extraction process and the absence of filtration practices means that Molino de Zafra deserves the Virgen Extra qualification and preserves all the aromas and flavors of the fresh fruit, and the natural characteristics that convert the extra virgin olive oil in one of the healthiest products of all that can be included in a balanced diet.

  • TASTE: Sweet and with a slight bitter and piquant aftertaste.
  • NOSE: It is intensely fruity with a hint of green apple and herb.