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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki Oliveclub - Greece only for

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Origin: Greece

Koroneiki is the main olive variety produced in Greece which is obtained an excelent Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Koroneiki is a creamy olive oil, with a light bitter and spicy flavour, and scents of appel, artichocke and freshly cut grass.

Availabe in packs of 2,3,6,9 and 12 cases, being abe to combine them with different varieties.

20ml x 10 bottles=200ml

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In the heart of Laconia,  one of the most important regions in the production of olive oil in Greece, exactly in Agricultural Cooperatives´Union-Laconia is obtained this fantastic olive oil extra virgin koroneiki variety, that we offer to you.

Olive tree in Greece has a history as old as captivating. According to Greek mythology the origin of this ancient tree happens in the city now known as Athens. The olive tree is the result of a contest between Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and Poseidon, the god of the seas, in which the winner would become protector of a new city.

Zeus imposed to them a challenge and who won would take the honors.

They had to offer the most precious gift to the citizens.

Poseidon thrust his trident on a rock from which gushed a spring of salt water that almost flooded the city. Athena, meanwhile, plunged his spear into the rock and the first olive tree appeared at the gates of the Acropolis. Considering the most valuable gift, citizens of the new city proclaim Athena as the winner and the city was named in her honor. Until today, there is an olive tree where that happened.

Since then, in ancient Greece, the olive tree was considered a magical tree that symbolized immortality, life, victory, fertility and peace, and whose origin was in the Gods. Its branches conveyed a message of peace and tolerance among peoples.

The olive tree played an essential role in the first Olympics since the first Olympic torch was an olive branch on fire and Olympic winners were rewarded with a wreath made of olive branches.

In addition it was believed that the children of the gods were born under the olive branches, so it was common, in daily life, that pregnant women went to sleep under them.

Such was the importance of the olive tree in ancient Greece they even had a severe legislation for their protection and use. Who ripped olive tree near the Acropolis could be condemned to exile, besides confiscating all his property.

  • COLOUR: Intense green.
  • TASTE: Creaminess with a bitter light and a balanced spicy.
  • NOSE: Green and ripe aromas with hints of cut grass, artichoke, apple and fig.
  • USE: Great in sweet desserts, salads and oranges.