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Origin: Spain

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Cornicabra olive variety is extracted from a kind of olive with a peculiar shape that resembles that of a horn, hence its name.

It is a fruity and aromatic olive oil, medium bitter and spicy.

Availabe in packs of 2,3,6,9 and 12 cases, being abe to combine them with different varieties.

20ml x 10 bottles

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In 1986, Francisco Riberas, one of the strongest Spanish entrepreneurs, acquired  La Ventilla, in "El Carpio de Tajo" (Toledo) to begin his career in the business of agriculture. Soon it prints its special character to the new activity and over the years it widens the boundaries of this small farm to make it a huge mosaic of crops and produce.

Almost ten years later, in 1996, it undertook an ambitious transformation of the olive trees planting  on up to 300,000 hectares. The favorable conditions in the area, and the careful dedication applied in their care, make the crop behave generously, presenting us with a delicate olive that results in Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellent quality.

Only from a deep respect and knowledge of the environment, combining the quiet enjoyment of the countryside with the most modern techniques of agricultural management, they have been expressed in all its excellence the most precious attributes of this ancient fruit, which are marketed since 2010 under the well-known name of Casas de Hualdo. 

  • TYPE: This is a very intense, complex, harmonious, balanced and resounding olive oil.
  • TASTE: Fresh sensations of lettuce, arugula and lamb's lettuce.
  • NOSE: Herbaceous nuances of olive leaf, green grass and almond.