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Origin: Spain

Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained by the olive variety Lechín.

It is an olive oil with a deep green color, fruity flavor, very fresh with a spicy touch, from a privileged place as Sierra Morena, near the river Guadalquivir.

Availabe in packs of 2,3,6,9 and 12 cases, being abe to combine them with different varieties.

20ml x 10 bottles

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This Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellent quality carries a curious history.

The property of the Estate has been since the eighteenth century of the same family, but it is not until 1873 when Maria Dolores Natera y Luna, ancestress of the present owner, who gives legal form to the Estate, because that era, assisted by her husband. We can not date the age of these trees, but we can say they have more than 250 years.

Since 1873, work on the farm of San Idelfonso was made for private and very local consumption, until in the 60s of last century, Maria del Carmen Sanchez de Velasco, great granddaughter of Doña Maria Dolores, marries Don Manuel Gallego del Pozo who by chance was oiler profession and tradition, both parents of Manuel Gallego Sánchez, current Estate manager.

Since 2014, Manuel has started a project to revalue the Estate based on two premises: Take care of planting and get an especial Extra Virgin Olive Oil: And this olive oil must be ecological and variety Lechín, a variety that is declining due to the emergence of other higher yielding varieties.

After several years of hard work and supported by a team of agronomists passionate about organic farming, this is the first campaign that they have managed to obtain a premium product, collecting the olives at their optimum ripeness.

Work in the Estate don't stop and for the near future exist a project to create an entity based on disseminate the benefits of this ancient tree.

Copy of the original deed:

  • TYPE: Soft and fruity oil very balanced
  • TASTE: Ripe fruity but with aspects of sweet green and soft bitter.
  • NOSE: Nuts and green olives.
  • USE: Ideal for salads, soups and salted.