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Origin: Italy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Moraiolo olive variety.

Original from the mountains of Spello, province of Umbria, Italy, is this unusual ecological and biodynamic olive oil.

Availabe in packs of 2,3,6,9 and 12 cases, being abe to combine them with different varieties.

20ml x 10 bottles

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The "Azienda Agraria Hispellum" is borned by goodwill of the Ciampetti family, who chose to cultivate this ancient tree in a territory that has always worked with nature.

The principles of this family when they started planting and production of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil were to share the love of their common origin through a natural element like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and thanks to it, love the original, historic and beautiful land from which it comes.

The farm, of 50 hectares, is a rich land of stones and red earth, ideal for the development of the fruits of this ancient tree, is located on the hill of Spello, Perugia, Italy, in a place full of history, monasteries and that has fascinated and inspired many artists as Pinturicchio.

In order to keep alive the earth, regenerate and keep fertile and welcoming for both men and animals, this nature-loving family feels the duty of guarding this inheritance of land, and therefore they take care of it everyday, adding value to all phases of the fruits obtained, making them an biological and biodinamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • COLOUR: Green with shades of golden yellow.
  • TASTE: Full round taste with fruity tones and strong personality, hints of bitter and spicy.
  • NOSE: Fruity, intense, penetrating, with strong hints of herb.
  • USE: It is ideal for strong savoury dishes like bruschetta, barbecue, roast, beans soup, fresh celery salads, grilled mushrooms, pasta and beans, spinach, raddish salads, crispigni, sauteed with garlic and oil.