What is the packaging format you use for olive oil?

Surely you use a container that you fill with a large carafe of olive oil. Maybe you are one of those who buy a smaller format and use it in the same package.
Today we are going to tell you what are the formats used to supply olive oil and also why.
We will make a first division in terms of professional and private use.
In terms of professional use, we will distinguish large consumers, canned food factories, prepared food manufacturers, packers, etc. They use olive oil in bulk in tanks or in large formats.
Other professionals such as restaurants and other industrial kitchens often use a smaller size, 5, 10 or 25 liters.
And now we will talk about the particular use, people like you.
We usually consume two types of olive oils. One that we use in greater quantity, the fryer for example and another that we use for more special meals and in the case of us, those of the Mediterranean diet, for breakfast and salads and many other dishes. These olive oils are usually of different qualities.
The one that we use in greater quantity is virgin or extra virgin bought in supermarkets in 3 or 5 liters and packed in PET.
If you are a lover of extra virgin olive oil you are looking for one of premium quality and we buy it in smaller formats, half a liter and glass packaging. Look for it in dark glass so it will not be damaged by light or inside an opaque box.
The previous case occurs in Spain and in almost all countries that consume more olive oil that matches the producing countries.
And what happens in other countries?
In other countries, the oil they consume in greater quantities is not olive oil.
In Japan they value extra virgin olive oil (AOVE in Spanish and EVOO in English) and consume it in 200, 250 and 500 ml. Although they also use the single-dose format of 20 ml. At Oliveclub we have many varieties of extra virgin olive oil of this type.
In China the same occurs, the used oil is not olive and the larger bottles of 500 ml. They are only consumed in the north of the country. In the south they are a quarter and a half liter.
In Europe they are getting used to good olive oil. For a European is not appetizing a toast with oil and tomato for breakfast but they come to Spain on vacation and assimilate it in their diet even if it is from time to time.
In Oliveclub we have small formats. We only use premium quality oils. Do you want to know what is a premium quality oil? Try the Oliveclub Gamma extra virgin olive oil and nobody will have to explain anything.