The number Pi is a magic number.

The number Pi is a magic number.

Before the discovery of the number “π” Pi, the result to calculate the circumference were only approximate.

Archimedes calculated it to be greater than 3.1071 and less than 3.17.

In the first book of the Kings of the Bible in Jerusalem and in the second of the Chronicles, a circumference is provided in relation to the diameter where it can be estimated where it can be seen that they did not know the exact number because the result was 3.  

The number Pi has been studied throughout history and it has not been possible, until  the appearance of computers, to specify that it is infinite.

The first study that we found was two thousand years before our era, in the Papyrus of Ahmens in Egypt, containing a small error. Until today these figures are still being studied.

The term “π” comes from the Greek work “περιφέρεια” which means periphery and from “περίμετρον” which means perimeter.

When we had the current Oliveclub Pi in our hands, before calling it Pi, we saw it was an extra virgin olive oil with a bright emerald green colour and we noticed its aroma was freshly cut grass with notes of green tomatoes.

While tasting this EVOO, we discovered that there was a slight very pleasant bitterness, very tasty and persistent and at the end of the throat a medium spiciness was recognised.

That is why we call it Pi, it's magical, it´s exactly what is expected of a gourmet extra virgin olive oil.