The club of the best olive oils in the world takes off in Seville

Olive Club presented in Seville’s Voraz Restaurant its innovative idea of consuming extra virgin olive oil from all over the world. Chef Antonio delighted us with a ShowCooking with one of the premium olive oils in a delicious Vegetable Ceviche.

Last Thursday, the restaurant Voraz in Seville hosted the presentation of Olive Club, defined by its manager, Ricardo Rodríguez, as "the club of extra virgin olive oil with which we will revolutionize the way we taste the olive oils."

Media, gastronomic experts and lovers of this product witnessed his birth in the garden of the restaurant Voraz.

This innovative concept finds its origin in the objective of "reaching all the lovers of olive oil, breaking for it the necessary barriers", in the words of Alicia Morán Guijarro. To achieve this, from the club explained how they travel around the world selecting the best extra virgin olive oils, selecting, based on their quality, two new varieties of premium olive oil each month, which are included in their select catalog.

This desire to find new flavors, smells and sensations does not escape, however, from the pure essence of extra virgin olive oil. Cristina Rodríguez highlighted in her intervention Olive Club's commitment to the search for "an ever-single-varietal olive oil, since we want to truly appreciate the color, smell, taste and texture characteristic of each type of olive."

Sabrina Pupillo, professional olive oil taster, in her speech explained that it is not correct to use the same olive oil for everything, because "it can cover the taste of the dishes and foods we consume." Olive Club aims to find an extra virgin olive oil ideal for each dish, a perfect complement to each food, with the intention that consumers can find and enjoy the nuances and intensity of each culinary creation at its best.

After the presentation of this select club, it was time to appreciate firsthand how the theory came true, by the chef Antonio, from restaurant Voraz, who delighted the attendees with a vegetable ceviche dressed with Cerasuola Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olive oil lovers will be able to share their passion for this gem of the Mediterranean diet. Producers, suppliers and consumers will gather at this club for lovers of extra virgin olive oil, being also one of the best ideas to give away on the most special occasions thanks to its presentation and packs combinable with different varieties.

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