Moraiolo Olive Oil, a tour through the beautiful Italy

Today in OliveClub we present Moraiolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a product from the beautiful Italy.

Italy is recognized - among other things - for its exquisite culinary taste, a passion that has taken it for centuries to create authentic gastronomic wonders.

If we refer exclusively to the elaboration of oils, we can say that Italy is the second producer country in the world, and the first in exports of bottled olive oil.

Even USA, has fallen yielded to the taste of its oils, since approximately 74% of its olive oil demand is of Italian origin. For other countries like Canada or Japan, their products represent 72% and 59% of demand, respectively.

Like Spain, Italy has its main regions producing olive oil with appellation of origin. These regions, listed from highest to lowest percentage of production, are: Alpulia y Calabria (70 %), Sicilia (8,1%), Toscana (4,3%) and Lacio (2,8). These 5 geographical zones produce different varieties of olive oils among which today we will highlight one; Moraiolo Olive Oil.

This olive oil comes from the olive variety moraiolo. This fruit has a medium intensity aroma and a flavor that reminds us of artichoke and fresh herbs, with a fruity finish. Moraiolo olive variety is one of the most used olives to produce olive oils with Protected Designation of Origin from Central Italy (Umbria).

To know the history of Moraiolo Olive Oil we have to go to the "Azienda Agraria Hispellum", where the Ciampetti family decided to cultivate 50 hectares of this ancient tree. The initial goal of this cultivation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil was to share the love they felt for their origins through this product.

The 50 hectares we mentioned above are located on a plot of land with stones and red soil, which allows the correct development of the fruits of this historic tree. In Spello, Perugia, in a land loaded with history and monasteries, this variety of AOVE is born. The essence of the beginnings, has been preserved over the years, and this family - grateful to their original land – has been caring for his heritage with affection. As a result, they have managed to produce a Biodynamic and Biological Extra Virgin Olive Oil, perfect for dishes with strong saltiness such as roast or sautéed.

 Its green color with slight golden reflections, strong flavor with fruity tones, small spicy and bitter nuances. A product that will satisfy the most exquisite palates.

 If, like us, you consider yourself an oil lover, do not hesitate to try the Moraiolo Olive Oil, a unique experience from the beautiful Italy.