How to recognize an Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Olive oil is the pillar on which the Mediterranean diet is based, but how to recognize an extra virgin olive oil?

Olive oil is, without doubt, one of the jewels of gastronomy and the essential pillar on which the Mediterranean diet is based. And not only it is in the basis of its cuisine but accompanying dishes, salads or breakfasts too.

There are a lot of types of olive oil on the market and, consequently, different qualities, so, in many cases, we do not know how to notice when it is a real extra virgin olive oil. In OliveClub, experts in this “liquid gold”, we want to offer you some tips to distinguish an extra virgin olive oil from one that is not.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil leaves a trace. With this statement we refer to the "spicy" we experience on the palate when sipping a few drops of this delicious oil, as well as that bitterness so characteristic. The compound responsible for these sensations is hydroxytyrosol, as well as its derivatives.

In 2005, a group of researchers from Philadelphia found the existence of a compound called oleocanthal, which causes cough, as extra virgin olive oil irritates the back of the throat. This characteristic is only contained in Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Another important fact is that the color does not indicate if an olive oil is better or worse. A widespread belief among consumers claims that the color of olive oil determines its quality, but this is not true. In this sense, that an olive oil has a green or yellow color does not mean that one of these is better than the other; Simply, the green color shows that the olive has been picked up soon, so that the olive oil will be more bitter and spicy.

Finally, the quality of olive oil is a consequence of the phytosanitary status of the olive with which it was made, as well as the time of the year in which it was collected. Nor can we forget the process of extracting the juice or the type of storage of the product, but these parameters are extremely difficult to recognize by consumers.

At OliveClub, our club for lovers of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we renew our commitment to offer the best olive oils, from all over the world, to the consumer, so they’ll can note the essence of each country in the aroma and flavor of its olive oils.