How does the consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil affect tourism?

Spain is an exceptional tourist destination for all the nationalities due to its magnificent geographical variety, but also thanks to an excellent gastronomy in which extra virgin olive oil plays a transcendental role, being the base of most of its recipes and offering a unique flavor.

Today in OliveClub we show you why olive oil has become a major responsible for the consolidation of Spain as the third destination of international tourism, behind the United States and France, with significant annual increases.

Although we must consider the uncertainty that other international destinations offer today, we must not only relate the increase of tourism in Spain with this trend, but also the quality offered to visitors when they arrive in our country. Although many customs in our country can contrast with their usual practices, they end up being assumed in the attempt of immersion pursued by the traveler.

Our schedules, as well as our way of living the street, our parties and of course, our gastronomy, are adopted by the tourist, although at first have little relation with the daily activity of their countries of origin.

One of the main customs adopted by travelers, from the moment they land in our country, is the consumption of extra virgin olive oil.

Whether with a toast with a good tomato for breakfast, dressing a delicious salad or other more elaborate dishes, these are unique products that are closely related to the Mediterranean climate and culture. This make tourist incorporate extra virgin olive oil to their diet when they return to their country.

Although they do not incorporate it at the same level as in our country, there is a significant increase in consumption in other countries.

Therefore, following these premises, it is clear the need to somehow enhance the visibility of these types of oils in tourist environments, as we will obtain important benefits in the near future.

All this will be very positive for olive oil producers, since these measures will mean expanding their market to traditionally non-consuming countries, and on the other hand, these places will benefit from a highly healthy contribution to their diet.

Extra virgin olive oil has become one of the highest exponents of tourism, transferring the habits of our culture to other countries and dazzling with its unique flavor and its great nutritional properties.