Europe’s flavors in its Olive Oils

Currently ther are some 750 million olive trees in the world that are grown for the production of olive oil. Spain is the leading country in the ranking of olive oil production, as Spanish production accounts for more than 300 million olive trees.

Although it changes, the annual production average is between 600,000 and a million tons.

Andalusia concentrates 80% of the production of olive oil, followed by Catalonia, whose oil has a less intense flavor than the Andalusian.

In OliveClub we pull for Lechín olive oil, with a fruity flavor and grown in Sierra Morena; Picual olive oil, with a lot of body and a slight flavor of wood; Carrasqueño olive oil, coming from Jaén and with a memory of exotic fruits; Serrana Espadán olive oil, an exclusive variety with a unique flavor; Manzanilla olive oil, with herbaceous and ripe fruit aromas, is ideal with fish and purees, and Cornicabra olive oil, bittersweet and medium spice in mouth.

Italy is one of the most popular countries in terms of production and export of olive oil, ranking as the second producing country, behind Spain.

The most important olive oil producer regions in Italy are Apulia and Calabria, since they concentrate about 70% total production of olive oil in all the country.

Italy also stands out for the variety in olive types, which allows the production of different olive oils.

In our online catalog we offer the extra virgin olive oil Moraiolo, ecological and biodynamic; The Cerasuola variety, of great density and ideal for Mediterranean dishes and Nocellara del Belice olive oil, biological and fruity aromas.

Greece is the third country in Europe to produce this liquid gold. However, the Greeks are at the forefront of olive oil consumption.

The Greek olive oil stands out, in general, for its bitterness and fruity flavor. This is a consequence of the habit of collecting the olives in the autumn months, when they are still green.

The sector dedicated to olive cultivation is one of the most important in Greece, it is practiced in 50 of the 54 municipalities of the country. Despite this, the production of olive oil is concentrated mainly in the Peloponnese and Crete regions.

In OliveClub we have Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil from the olives of this variety and which provides a very balanced spice and a delicious creaminess.

Portugal is another of the European countries with an olive oil tradition. Cobrançosa extra virgin olive oil comes from the most prized olive variety from Portugal. It emphasizes its creamy texture, its floral aromas and the peculiar gold of its color.