Brand pride

I admire those companies that have managed to spread their products around the world under the umbrella of a prestigious Brand. Products wished for and dreamed of by consumers: ladies who sigh for a Louis Vuitton handbag or Christian Louboutin shoes, knights who long for a suit by William Fioravanti ... people who want the latest model of the iPhone or who admire the owner of a Ferrari. They are brands associated with concepts such as image, quality, marketing, differentiation, luxury ... exclusivity. 

The dream of any company is none other than to achieve the total satisfaction of its customers. Clients who know and feel happy to own these luxury items, which display them, which boast of them without hesitation. Not in vain, such products often carry the logo of the company in a visible place so that other people admire the lucky person who bears it.

We talk about jewelry, clothes, cars, yachts ... But what happens in the world of gastronomy? Can you not boast a ham, a cheese, a rum or a high-end EVOO? That ephemeral pleasure of having consumed something of the highest quality, belonging to that select club that has tasted Iranian caviar, French champagne, or other delicatessen, can transcend the sphere of the personal, the intimate, and become undisguised - and legitimate-reason for pride?

Of course…

And, how do the brands of extra virgin olive oil behave in this market? I would highlight the Italian Filippo Berio, not only for being considered an EVOO of excellent quality, but for its wide diffusion in the world.

But, without a doubt, it is worth noting the enormous work of other companies that year after year conquer quality prizes that recognize the best extra virgin of the world, juices that occupy the luxury line of the best gourmet stores and delicatessen establishments. Companies that pamper their EVOO, their farms and their olive trees. Limited productions of the world's best extra virgin olive oils that have also become the object of desire for foodies and gastronomers.

There is Castillo de Canena, which with its Picual Family Reserve has won the first prize of the EVOOLEUM competition with a production of 46,000 liters. Yes, no less than 46,000 liters of the best EVOO in the world. Or its Early Royal which, with a production of 7,300 liters, has won the third prize. And Nobleza del Sur, which has won the second prize thanks to the 11,000 liters of its Centenarium Premium.

And Quaryat Dillar, fifth with Quaryat Picual (6,000 liters). And Muela-Olives, sixth with Venta del Barón - the most awarded EVOO in the world -, whose production exceeds 23,000 liters. And Grupo SHL with Morellana, 7th in the ranking and more than 4,000 liters.

Outside our borders stands Monte Rosso, a Croatian EVOO with a production of 2,500 liters that occupies a meritorious 8th place, followed by Aceites San Antonio with Cortijo la Torre Premium (9th, more than 11,500 liters); Finca La Gramanosa, with its monovarietal picual Zumo 2015 (2,500 liters); And Campolea, which produces 4,000 liters of Campolea Premium.

I would like to congratulate Mercacei-Edimarket Editores for the launch of the EVOOLEUM Guide to the 100 best EVOOs in the world, a pioneering initiative, and we can not forget Olivatessen by Mercacei and its great work of spreading and promoting the culture of extra virgin olive oil.

Both luxurious but affordable products that create brand and trend.

At OliveClub we have put together this magnificent selection of juices in an exclusive pack, the PACK EVOLEUM, a unique opportunity to enjoy the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, and we congratulate ourselves for it.

Welcome to the wonderful world of EVOO.